About Us

We're Randal & Meralon and a team of talented photographers. Weddings are about passion, joy and most of all, connection - with our friends, family and each other. And it's that connection we want to create in the images that we capture.

I’m delighted that you are on the planet and helping to make weddings conscious.
— Marilyn Knipp (Marriage Celebrant)

Image by Darryl Atkins

Image by Darryl Atkins

Randal & Meralon

Founders, Principal Photographer and Studio Director

We founded Randal Kurt Photography because we believe in giving to couples who invite us into their lives: going beyond the photography and the art, we want to give couples a special experience where they feel supported, cared for, and connected to the images we create. 

Randal is an award-winning photographer with internationally-published work and recognition. Formerly a successful management director in the high-tech industry, Randal followed his creative instincts to pursue photography as a way to capture beauty, and show that images can create change. Randal’s focus is on his clients and he believes in delivering a personalized approach to photography in each and every image.

Meralon has a Masters in Psychology and a background in family counselling. She has worked closely with couples, families, and youths, helping them re-connect and renew their relationship within a supportive environment. She brings care and attention to wedding days, and helps couples connect in meaningful ways. On the more practical side, she is Randal's photography and lighting assistant, as well as a Concierge for our brides. When not managing the studio, Meralon is also an extraordinary doula (including for some of our couples - 5 and counting)!

Married for 15 years, Randal & Meralon have two young boys who keep them constantly learning about themselves, and the impending years of preteen-hood!

A short film about Randal Kurt Photography and our Love² Couple and Engagement Sessions.