Toni + Dennis are MARRIED!

Toni and Dennis' wedding was one of a kind! One couldn't have picked a more beautiful setting than Castlegar in the Kootenays with the river and mountains as the backdrop. So when they spoke to me about being their photographer for their big day, I was thrilled to have the opportunity. The day started with Toni getting ready at her parents' home in Castlegar. This card just says it all! Says it all Toni's wedding dress was beautiful and there were some wonderful moments as her mom was helping her with the veil. The dress and veil Getting ready Getting ready 2 I love this quiet moment for Toni. The prayer Meanwhile Dennis and their ring bearer waited at the Church. Meanwhile at the Church The ceremony began once Toni arrived... The ceremony begins Following the ceremony, Toni and Dennis' wedding was full of great moments - with lots of fun ones and then more quiet ones like this one. The moment Their walk along the river bed was beautiful and the sunny day helped! The beauty of Castlegar Castlegar is full of incredible locations like this rather narrow suspension bridge far above the river below. Suspending above the river Just the bride and groom Exploring multiple locations on the wedding day can be fantastic fun. Our next stop was the very colourful train station in downtown Castlegar. Admiration The guys at the station We captured these gorgeous images of Toni at the end of our time at the station. Toni at the train station Under the bright skies, we captured this image of Toni and Dennis with Castlegar far below in the valley. A view Back at the reception, after some incredible fun speeches and a great skit, we were on to the dancing portion of the evening. The dancing begins The dancing continues And finally, at the end of the evening, we had time for just a couple more romantic images of Toni and Dennis! Romance A dramatic moment Toni and Dennis, thanks for the opportunity to capture your wedding day! I'll never forget the experience of being part of your day in beautiful Castlegar. It's been great fun working with both of you over the last number of months. Congratulations!!