What is it about weddings...?

Randal and Meralon's wedding dayWhat is it about a wedding that touches us? What is it that brings tears to our eyes at a bride's words to her groom? A wedding is an opportunity to glimpse the brimming-over of emotion between two people - it reminds us of the infatuation of being in love. As wedding photographers, we are privileged to witness this emotional connection so often - each time is different, but every time it strikes the same chord in us. We count ourselves so incredibly fortunate to capture these wonderful moments in people's lives.

We look back on our own wedding in 2002 at the Brock House in Vancouver as one of our favourite days together. Whenever we talk about it, we remember how blissful and awesome the day was - and how we can create these feelings again and again simply by looking at the images from our day. That's what we want to ultimately create for all of our couples - the memory of love and fun and intimacy between them and with everyone who was there. We want our couples to remember their experience fifty years from now and to tell their story to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren - that's what we'll be doing (as well as laughing at our hairdos!).

Posted by Meralon for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers