Married at St. Augustine's Church | Natasha and Geoff!

We're excited to finally be able to showcase some more images from Natasha and Geoff's wedding day, after they saw them from the first time! Natasha and Geoff have been such fun to work with from the very beginning - and their wedding was no exception. Their wedding was full of great moments. We already mentioned their bridesmaid who sang beautifully at their ceremony.

Their day began at St. Augustine's Church in a lovely neighbourhood in Kitsilano that we also call home. We love St. Augustine's Church - sure, the Church itself is gorgeous, but we love it most because of Father Gordon, who officiated at Natasha and Geoff's wedding. He's a wonderful priest who clearly puts his heart into all of the weddings that we've photographed there.

Following the very memorable ceremony, we captured some wonderful times with Natasha and Geoff, and their full wedding party, in New Westminster. The contrasts in New West are incredible and that's what makes it a great backdrop to the wedding experience. Natasha and Geoff's wedding party was fabulous to work with - they were fun, enthusiastic and so supportive through the whole day. What more could a bride and groom ask for?!

The day continued with their reception at the Roma Hall. We were excited to see how they had transformed the hall when we walked through the door for the first time. Their reception opened with a great neon-lit entrance by the full wedding party - another first for us! And then there were some sweet and tearful speeches towards the end of our time with them, that really made the day complete for us!

Here's a selection of images from their day with lots of great faces and places! Please click on the first image to see a gallery from their wedding.

Congratulations on your wedding Natasha and Geoff - we were thrilled and honoured to be a part of your day!

We're also sending out a special thank you to Katerina Sergannidis: thanks so much for your great help and enthusiasm in capturing the wedding as part of our team.

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