Janice and Eric's Westwood Plateau Wedding!

We were looking forward to Janice and Eric's wedding day for some time, and when it came, it totally fit with their personalities! Some couples just act like they belong together - maybe it's because they have known each other since High School. They have a wonderful playfulness together which was lovely to witness throughout the day. Our day with them started at Eric's parents' home where he was right on schedule with his groomsmen! They all looked very handsome (and maybe a little nervous!). From there, we continued with Janice getting ready at her parents' home near Trout Lake. We love the craziness on wedding mornings, and Janice and Eric's day was no exception - there was a very exciting flurry of activity when we arrived! Eric and Janice got their first glance of each other that morning at her parents' home - and like most first looks on the wedding day, it was a wonderfully sweet moment with lots of tears and hugs.

For the photography before their wedding ceremony, the couple wanted to start at their old High School where they met, and where most of the bridal party had also attended. We're sure it brought back many memories for them of hallways and teachers! From there, it was on to Rocky Point Park where jazz in the park met with the bride and her flip flops!

Janice and Eric connect so well together - and Janice is an absolute trooper for scaling logs in the forest and climbing grassy slopes! Eric - we think you have an adventuresome bride, but of course, you know that already!

The Westwood Plateau Golf and Country Club put on an amazing array of food for the guests, preceded by an outdoor ceremony (where we *loved* the emotion between her and her Dad!) and a tea ceremony - it was a very full day. Please click on the first image to see a gallery of highlights from Janice and Eric's wedding day.

Congratulations Janice and Eric and than you for giving us the opportunity to capture your special day!

Posted by Meralon for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.