Married at Temple Shalom in Vancouver | Deborah and Henry

Deborah and Henry are a very special couple. We've known them for a number of months now as they've planned their wedding which took place on a warm summer afternoon in Vancouver. Something that makes their lives even more extraordinary is that they are both children of Holocaust survivors. In the time that we've known them and in the days leading up to their wedding, it was clear that it was something that brought such a sense of meaning and depth to their union.

Their ceremony under the chuppah in the Temple Shalom sanctuary was powerful, and we could see that they were completely present and enjoying every moment of it. We do love ceremonies that are delivered with great spirit, and Deborah and Henry's certainly fit that. The signing of the Ketubah was also an amazing piece - a special and ceremonial pre-nuptial agreement that is actually a beautiful work of art.

We can sum up the reception with three words: dance, dance, dance!! The DJs from Beyond Sound didn't just sit back - they did a great job of interacting and encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves. And the mix of music was diverse and fitting!

These are a few highlights from Deborah and Henry's wedding day. Please click on the first image to view a gallery of images.

Thanks so much Deborah and Henry for having us contribute to your wedding day! We've loved every moment of working with you.

Posted by Meralon for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers