An Intimate Couple Session in the Fall | Melody and Fred

We've only know Mel and Fred since the beginning of this year, but it feels as though it's been far longer. When they asked us to photograph their destination wedding in Cancun and told us what they had in mind, we were thrilled to be part of their wedding plans this year. They'd planned their couple session for some time and we wanted to time it with some of the Fall colours. Although the leaves hadn't completely changed by the time their day came around, the timing seemed perfect anyway. And to be honest, the background and locations were really just small details, as they usually are - the connection that Mel and Fred have is just beautiful on its own, and wonderful to capture!

Enjoy a few images from their couple session. Please click on the first image to see a gallery.

It was wonderful to have this time with you Mel and Fred. We're totally ecstatic to be capturing your destination wedding - it's right around the corner!!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.