A City Girl & Country Boy Get Married! | Erin & Matt

Where can you find a lake, sandy beaches, a heritage hotel and more than a few farms all in one place? That would have to be Harrison Hot Springs, the location for Erin & Matt's beautiful October wedding. This was our third time at Harrison Hot Springs this season - and it's wonderful to see it in a whole new way each and every time. Add their "City Girl & Country Boy" theme, and you could see that everything fit just perfectly! Erin & Matt got ready on their wedding day at the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, with a beautiful view of the Lake which was all the more spectacular on their wedding day. Their First Look - the first time they saw each other on their wedding day - was intimate and fun. From there, we walked with their Best Man and Maid of Honour down to Harrison Lake and happened on a float plane at the end of the pier on the Lake. It's always remarkable how completely smitten people are by a bride and groom on their wedding day, including the pilot of the plane who promised he would tip his wings for Erin & Matt as he flew off!

We wanted to make sure we incorporated a little of the "country" into the experience, so our next stop was the wonderful Farm House Natural Cheeses in Harrison Hot Springs. It's a working farm with a lot of very friendly animals, and that made for some fantastic fun with Erin & Matt!

From there we headed back to the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, just in time for them to join their guests in a grand entrance. Their reception was intimate, elegant and fun and it was clear that the party would be going on long after we left for the evening!

This is a short story of their day. Please click on the first image to see a gallery.

Congratulations on your unique wedding day Erin & Matt! You have a fabulous way of lighting people's lives with your smiles and nature. It's been such a huge pleasure to get to know you after meeting you at the Vancouver Wedding Fair in January!

We're also very grateful to have had this opportunity to work with Alicia Keats from DreamGroup Productions, who has a great energy and who did a wonderful job of assisting Erin and Matt with the planning of their day.

And finally, we're grateful to Aimee Makris who once again was by our side with her creative talents on this special day - thank you!

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