Rain + Wedding = Amazing! | Jandy & René

Vancouver brought lots of wind and rain on Jandy and René's wedding day - but that didn't affect their joy one little bit! If anything, they were determined to make the best of it - and it really showed. Jandy began her day by getting ready in Vancouver with her bridesmaids, Mom and her flower girl. Everyone was relaxed and having fun when we arrived - we love capturing the excitement of this part of the day. From there, Jandy and René began their day together with their ceremony in the outdoors at Sage Bistro. Come rain or shine, this wedding ceremony was going to happen, and happen it did!

Following their ceremony, we spent a short but amazing time with just Jandy and René and their wedding party. One of our favourite spots was down on Locarno Beach in the rain where it didn't take much to persuade them to cuddle under an umbrella - in fact, all we had to do was suggest it. The result was dramatic and romantic!

Their wedding day ended where it had begun - with a lovely reception attended by their family and guests back at Sage Bistro in UBC. It was a wonderful opportunity to capture Jandy and René connecting with the people they love!

Here's a short story of their day. Please click on the first image to see a gallery.

Congratulations Jandy and René - we wish you all the best as you being your new life together in Winnipeg. We loved your willingness to make the most out of your day! And Jandy, we're looking forward to your post-wedding bridal session this winter!

We owe an enormous thank you to Katerina Sergiannidis who assisted us on this day - she not only persisted in capturing some amazing images but was also key to keeping us and our equipment as dry as we could expect on a day like this! Thank you Katerina! Gaby Flader of Gaby Ramirez Makeup also deserves mention for her artistry and touch ups through the day for Jandy. We're very grateful for the team!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.