A Walk on the Beach | Jen & Brad

We're so happy to have gotten to know Jen & Brad over the last short while. We had the privilege of working together before - at Brad's brother's wedding last year - and now we're excited about the opportunity to capture their own day this coming Fall. The area they picked for their couple session - which Jen knows well from her regular runs - was beautiful, and parts of it were completely new to us. To top it all off, it was an incredible day going from cloud to sun to rain and back again, and Jen & Brad were such good sports in spite of the weather - for a time, we had to huddle together under a small display as the rain poured down around us. We never complain about rain because it can offer so much - and we'll remember this day for a long time to come!

It was a wonderful session - and it was great to see how intimate and caring they are with each other!

Here's a short story of our time together for their couple session. Please click on the first image to see a short gallery.

We can't wait for your September wedding!!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.