Fun at the Athletes Village | Victoria & Michael

We were looking forward to Victoria and Michael's couple session in Vancouver - and after holding out for reasonably nice weather, we finally did it! They loved the area around the Athletes Village which is becoming a favourite for photography in Vancouver. Their walkabout session started on the west side of the area and then ended up on Granville Island where we absolutely had to get a couple of images of them sitting down for a drink at a restaurant, since they're such foodies! One of the highlights was coming across a group of musicians who came together that evening to jam in the park - and that set Victoria and Michael dancing! The evening was lovely for them to enjoy many lovely moments together - and it was great to see the connection between them show so colourfully. Oh and what a sunset they had.

Please click on the first image in the gallery to see a short story of their couple session.

That was a lovely evening Victoria and Michael - we're looking forward to your wedding this summer!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.