Married at Hycroft in Vancouver | Michelle & Andrew

We were excited about Michelle and Andrew's wedding - with their ceremony at a place we love in Vancouver, Hycroft, and their reception at the wonderful Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond, a place that was new to us. On the wedding day, we started with the guys at Michelle and Andrew's home, and Michelle having her makeup applied and her traditional Chinese red wedding dress on at her parents' home just a block away. Following some fun door games with the guys, they had the first of two tea ceremonies with her parents. Following tradition, the second tea ceremony was held at his parents' home nearby.

From the tea ceremonies, it was on to Hycroft, the setting for their outdoor wedding ceremony. The upper steps of Hycroft were a great setting for their guests - their ceremony clearly touched Michelle who had teary eyes during their vows.

Following Hycroft, we spent some great time with Michelle and Andrew and their wedding party in Steveston Village, a great location on any day. We started with a great walk through the Village and ended with an ice cream stop before heading out to their reception. Their day ended with their reception at the Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond, which looked very impressive when we arrived.

Some meaningful highlights: - Michelle and Andrew were playful and relaxed on their wedding day and a joy to capture - their wedding was a perfect fit for their personalities! - Their ceremony was lovely and just the way they wanted it with the weather cooperating - on the lower steps of Hycroft with a wonderful view of the city. - Our time with them and their wedding party in Steveston Village was fun with great views and a great stroll through the town. - Their reception at the Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond was beautiful - there was a colourful and lively start to the dinner that we've never seen before! - Michelle and Andrew's reception games were completely entertaining and they didn't hold back!

Please click on the first image to see highlights from their day.

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to capture your wedding day, Michelle and Andrew. We wish you lots of love and happiness together!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.