Introducing the LOVE2 Sessions

We're thrilled to announce the LOVE2 Sessions today. The LOVE2 Sessions (pronounced “Love-Squared Sessions”) concept emerged as we renewed our passion for photography a few years ago. World-recognized photographers who have been proponents of an experiential style of wedding and family photography have always inspired our photographic technique: one that focuses primarily on the experience. This is how we approach our wedding and family photography today. In our sessions with couples we also noticed that the sessions became about more than just creating beautiful images; they also created an opportunity for closeness and intimacy. With our respective backgrounds and experience in both relationship coaching and photography we created a new technique we call Transformational Relationship Photography. The LOVE2 Sessions are based on this technique: creating a unique environment for couples to experience their relationship at a deeper level, and allowing them to connect and learn more about each other, as individuals and a couple. During the session, we do capture the moments photographically, but our primary focus is not on taking the shot. Instead, we observe what unfolds in front of us to capture the truth in the moment. The result is a fine art image that is uniquely yours and that represents an experience you'll remember together - one that will inspire you as you go back to your everyday lives.

We've started doing this over the last 12 months to some degree with a number of our couple sessions for our wedding couples, and going forward we plan to integrate many more of these techniques to make the whole experience much more rewarding and much more lasting!

As photographic artists, we’re passionate about something that’s even more fulfilling than the art of photography – the art of relationships. And we believe that the LOVE2 Sessions have the capacity to enhance the lives of our clients.

Please check out the LOVE2 Sessions for more information.

- Randal and Meralon