Wedding at the Fairmont Waterfront | Victoria & Michael

We'll forever remember Vicky and Mike as fabulous foodies! It was telling that the one image they chose to display from their couple session at their reception was one we'd captured of them sitting down to eat on Granville Island! We also love the energy and feeling between them, and that showed throughout their wedding day in August. Our day with Vicky and Mike started as they were getting ready at their respective homes - when we saw Vicky for the first time what struck us most was relaxed she was! What a great way to start any wedding day. That set the tone for the rest of their day from the beautiful ceremony at their church in Vancouver, to their wonderful reception at the Fairmont Waterfront. And we're so grateful this season for so many awesome wedding parties - groomsmen and bridesmaids who are completely supportive and full of life! So too with Vicky and Mike's wedding party, including Vicky's lovely sister and Maid of Honour, Emily, and Mike's brother and Best Man, Jason.

There were many moments throughout their day and here are just a few memorable highlights:

- The door games with Vicky and Mike and their wedding party were busy and fun - what a great way to start their day! - This was our first opportunity to photograph a wedding at St. Francis Xavier Church in Vancouver - we loved the church, and although the light (or lack thereof!) had its challenges, it was stunning! There was something magical about the way the sunshine streamed onto the altar. - Following the ceremony and during the creative session, we stopped briefly at the Après-midi Premium Teahouse in Gastown - such a lovely little jewel and very funky. And so appropriate for Vicky and Mike given their foodie status. - Their reception at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel was beautifully designed, with lots of handmade touches as well. - Everyone (including us) was thrilled by the guys doing their yoga poses as part of the entertainment that night - they looked liked they'd done it before! Crazy and imaginative games!

Click on the first image to see a gallery of images from their wedding day. And please let us know what you think in the comments at the end of this post!

Congratulations Vicky and Mike on your wedding day - you guys looked so great! It was good to see you back and refreshed from your amazing European honeymoon. We can't wait to see some of YOUR pics!

A huge thank you to Après-midi Teahouse in Gastown for allowing us to use their space briefly. We're very grateful! And it was so great (as always!) to work with the highly professional and creative team at RF Productions. Vicky and Mike also had one of our favourite photo booth folks to work with, Le Studio Vancouver! And last but not least, thanks again for Denise Lin who helped us capture the entire day!

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