Married in Queen Elizabeth Park | Jenn & John

Our first opportunity to capture Jenn and John was back in the Spring just as the blossoms were coming out. And since then, we've been looking forward to capturing a lot more of them on their wedding day. Their day started with tea ceremonies at their family homes and followed with a lovely ceremony at the Celebration Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth Park. It ended with a fun-filled dinner at the Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond.

We loved their day and the creative session with them and their entire wedding party. It was relaxing and fun for them - which made it a wonderful opportunity to capture everyone's spirit!

There were lots of special moments on their day - here are just a few memorable highlights:

- We loved the tea ceremonies at Jenn's family home and then at John's family home - they were full of love with lots of colour as well! - Jenn and John's wedding ceremony was in a beautiful setting in the Celebration Pavilion. It always feels so summery and open! - The Olympic Village provided a great environment for our creative session with the entire wedding party. And there were some more intimate moments for Jenn and John as well! - The wedding games at Shiang Garden Restaurant were fabulous - and original. And we loved the "Kissing Menu" with all proceeds going to charity.

Please click on the first image to see a full gallery with highlights from the day.

Congratulations Jenn and John on your wedding day! It was beautiful, touching and fun from start to finish. It was such an honour to have a part in your day - thank you!

Thank you Denise and Aimée for all of your creative help - what a great team.

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.