Stormy Skies in Steveston | Cassandra and Nathan

We're excited about Cassandra and Nathan's wedding coming up this year - it will be the first time we've captured a full New Year's Eve wedding! So, when we photographed their couple session just a short time ago, we were thrilled to have our first chance to work with them before their big day. They love Steveston and wanted to incorporate it as the backdrop to their session. Of course, Steveston is always a lovely location any time of year, but it was the stormy looking skies which made it even more special the afternoon we were there with them. We also made sure we incorporated an important stop at the end of their session at one of their favourite spots - the Steveston Pizza Company. It's usually a challenge to make eating shots look good, but they certainly pulled it off!

Please click on the first image in the gallery to see a short story of their fabulous couple session!

What fun! We're looking forward to your wedding day, Cas and Nate!

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers.