A "Dreams" Wedding | Carmen & Livio

We first met Carmen and Livio back in February 2011.  We could tell they were going to be so much fun right from the start - and they more than delivered!  We loved their sense of play - from their awesome couple session at the PNE last year (Livio, you are a STAR for braving that Ferris Wheel despite your fear of heights!) to their wonderful wedding last month at Dreams, Mayan Riviera (think warm breezes and margaritas). We have to say something about Carmen's unbelievable organizational skills.  She really was wonderful to work with, even sending us pictures of everyone in the wedding group beforehand so that we'd recognize people - so thoughtful. It was a great step in getting to know their wonderful families and friends who we happily expect to see more of in the days ahead.

Alas, all the planning in the world could not prevent some challenging moments - like Livio getting locked into a washroom at the Cancún airport, and then throwing away his wedding ring into a garbage can (we're happy to report that both situations ended well though!), and our flight's navigational system malfunction (which afforded us all 5 hours in the air only to end up in CALGARY, not Cancún)! Still, like destination weddings we've covered before, it was all an experience to talk about and in the end, all was well, and we landed in Mexico ready for a treat at the Dreams Riviera Cancún!

And a treat it was...

Camen and Livio's destination wedding at the Dreams Riviera Cancun

Congratulations Carmen and Livio! We're looking forward to your Vancouver reception coming up this weekend! We've loved the opportunity to get to know you both so well.

It was also a thrill to work with Raff and Rach again, such a talented and inspiring cinematic duo - the timing couldn't have been better!! Also, a special thank you to Danielle at Blue Petal Destination Weddings who was instrumental in making the wedding such a success.

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