A Couple Session with Love and Passion | Carolyn & Paul

We’re thrilled to feature Carolyn and Paul’s recent couple session in New Westminster, captured by our Associate Photographer, Aimée: If we we could use only a couple of words to sum up Carolyn and Paul's couple session, they would be "love & passion". They have a great connection - it's fabulous to see a couple THIS much in love! Our Associate Photographer, Aimée, led the session and it was a wonderfully rare opportunity for Randal to switch roles as a second photographer!

Here is a visual summary of Carolyn and Paul's couple session as we strolled through the historic streets of New Westminster.

Engagement Session Photography by Randal Kurt Photography

We can't wait for your wedding day, Carolyn and Paul!!

Posted by Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers. Photography by Aimée Makris and Randal Kurt.