Married at St. Philip's Anglican Church | Tia & Jonathan

Tia and Jonathan had a beautiful day starting with their ceremony at St. Philip's Anglican Church and ending with their reception in Chinatown. We loved the time we spent with Tia and Jonathan and their entire wedding party during the creative session. It was energetic, fun and fast paced!  The forecast for their day was rain, but somehow we managed to just escape the stormy weather as it rolled in towards the end of our time with them and their wedding party. We did manage to capture a few images in the rain in the wonderfully historia and "colourful" Gastown. From there, we headed to Tia and Jonathan's reception at Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown to briefly cover the start of their celebration. Here are some of our favourite highlights from Tia and Jonathan's day:

Images by Randal Kurt Photography

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding Tia and Jonathan!

Special mentions go out to threevancouver for planning Tia and Jonathan's day, Lois Keane for floral design, and Sweet Beginnings for decor. And our heartfelt thanks to Katerina who assisted us and photographed with us on this day.

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