Married at the Celebration Pavilion | Rylie & Alex

We've come to know Rylie and Alex very well over the last year since we first got a call from them asking about our services as wedding photographers. We always love the story of how they reconnected as they were each walking their dog on a park one day. Life has a great way of bringing people together! Their wedding day was wonderful - full of lots of their personalities from Rylie's wedding dress, to the variety of great cufflinks for the guys and of course the Buddha statues at each place setting. They've always been so clear about the wedding day they wanted to create together - and so they did.

Here are just a few highlights from their full wedding day. Enjoy!

Wedding Photography by Randal Kurt Photography

Congratulations on your beautiful day Rylie and Alex! We're looking forward to seeing you much more in the months ahead!

We owe a mention to a few wedding partners who contributed to Rylie and Alex's day including Kevan Dobsin at the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth ParkSun Sui Wah Restaurant, Gaby from Gaby Ramiréz Makeup, Sacha at The Flower Box, and Kimberly at Some Kind of Wonderful for the cake design.

Posted by Randal for Randal Kurt Photography, Vancouver Wedding Photographers. Photography by Randal and Aimée.