A PNE Engagement Session | Candice & Scott

We had a great time with Candice and Scott at the PNE this past summer for their couple session!  Scott was a bit freaked out about going on the ferris wheel but managed to tame his fears and went anyway - way to go, Scott! The PNE and Playland provided a fantastic background for their session, which really matched their personalities well. We all drew the line at the roller coaster, but everything else was fair game, including the bumper cars - watch out for racy drivers!

Candice and Scott have known each other for a few years, and just recently decided to tie the knot on a day that will be very memorable - December 31, 2013. We're really looking forward to capturing them and their special day and on a very special New Year's eve!

Photography by Randal Kurt - assisted by Meralon Shandler.