Caroline and Andrew (and Osito!) at the Beach

Caroline and Andrew's couple session was very unique. Their second date took place at the Vancouver Maritime Museum next to Vanier Park, and because of their backgrounds the location also means a lot to them. And that means a lot to us! We were thrilled that they brought along their dog Osito (meaning "little or toy bear" in Spanish) who actually got more attention then the rest of us! This is a small sample of the fun and connection between Caroline, Andrew and Oso.

Thanks for a fun session Caroline and Andrew - we're looking forward to your Harrison Hot Springs wedding day! A special thank you to the Vancouver Maritime Museum who very kindly allowed us to capture some images inside.

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Alana and Wilson are married at the Roundhouse in Yaletown

Alana and Wilson's wedding ceremony and reception was held at the Roundhouse in historic Yaletown. Their wedding was full of special and fun touches, from their special furry ring bearer, their dog Maximus, to the very classy format of their reception dinner. We'd love to recommend the person that did the decorating for the venue, but it was none other than Alana and Wilson who took a very creative and hands on approach to doing that as well! Their wedding started with Alana preparing with her bridesmaids and parents at their home in Vancouver and continued with the ceremony and reception at the Roundhouse.

Alana and Wilson's wedding was beautifully catered by Axelle and The Butler Did It Catering. And we owe a special thank you to Melissa Montgomery who was our very creative second photographer and assistant on this day.

Congratulations Alana and Wilson! You created a wonderful wedding day. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

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Alana and Wilson's Engagement Session at YVR with Maximus

When we first met Alana, she mentioned that Wilson was a pilot. So when she suggested that we could use the hangar out at Vancouver International Airport for their engagement session we jumped at the opportunity. We didn't have much time to complete their engagement session with just a week before their beautiful wedding in Yaletown (more images to come!). It was a windy and rainy evening in Vancouver, but that didn't stop us from having a lot of great moments. Although Wilson had to use crutches after a mishap a couple of weeks ago, he was a very willing fiance, and he was determined to make sure that didn't slow him down! Watching the way they adored each other was heartwarming! Their wonderful dog Maximus also joined us for the session and he looked like he enjoyed watching Alana and Wilson as much as we did.

These are just a few highlights from their engagement session together.